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Renters Resources

  • Cleaning 101
    We are all born, we all must die we all must pay our taxes and we all need to clean our homes....Read More
  • Decorating On a Budget
    After all the cash you had to shell out for security deposits, parking fees, cable installation, moving trucks, the late-night "I'm-too-tired-to-cook" pizzas, your decoration budget might be depeated...Read More
  • Decorating With Color
    For thousands of years colors have been used to solicit emotional responses from both humans and animals, When you're getting ready to decorate your new rental home, think about... Read More
  • How to Buy Renters Insurance
    The last thing you want to think about when you rent a new home is something going wrong. You want to consider... Read More
  • How to Cut Your Energy Costs
    Cutting back on your energy usage is not only good for your wallet but also good for the environment. Here are... Read More
  • Making Your Home Comfortable
    You drag your tired feet up the stairs and tug your earphones out; you switch your iPod off and check your voicemail as you unlock your door. It's the... Read More
  • Moving With Pets
    The moving van is on its way, the boxes are packed and Grandma is going to help keep the kids occupied whil you move. You think you've... Read More
  • Question to Ask When You Rent
    The ad made it sound like more of a dream come true than a house for rent. You are desperate to land this place and know it's the... Read More
  • Renters' Rights
    It's your first rental home and although you're looking forward to this more than anything else, you still want to make sure that you protect yourself from and bad... Read More
  • Settling In Tips
    Moving can often be a very stressful experience. Last minute details, finances, packing and unpacking is enough to drive anyone insane. The hard part is already done, now you just... Read More



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